Kayak Covers

The following page provides information about kayak covers and other forms of protection.

Covers are important kayak accessories. Depending on the hull type, kayak covers may seal only the cockpit or cover the entire hull. A variety of materials are popular for kayak covers such as canvas or other fabrics.

For covering the entire hull of a kayak, sack and zip up type covers are popular. Sack covers are installed by sliding the kayak into the cover. A drawstring apparatus is used to seal the cover. Zip up style covers are another option. These covers work by laying the kayak into or on the cover and then zipping it together.

Another popular style of kayak cover simply fits over cockpit while the boat is not in use. These covers are used to keep insects, debris, and water out during transportation and short term storage. Most cockpit covers are easy to install and remove.



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