The North Jetty in Ocean City Maryland

The Ocean City Inlet jetty is a well known fishing spot. The jetty protrudes east into the ocean and westerly into the bay. The structure is composed of large rocks and can be a treacherous place to fish, especially when currents are strong. A number of rocks and other obstructions exist along the inlet bottom and anglers should expect to lose tackle while fishing.

A couple features of the jetty are worth noting. On the east end, there is some turbulent water which can contain bluefish, rockfish and trout. Some anglers cast artificial lures with success. From the east tip back along the jetty some anglers fish for tautog among the rocks with crab or sand flea baits.

Towards the middle of the jetty Harrison's Harbor Watch restaurant's lights shine down on the jetty. At night this sets up a feeding station as small baitfish gather in the lights. Trout, bluefish, rockfish, flounder, shad and other species gather below and the action can be fast at times. Anglers cast artificial lures here and fly fishermen seem to do exceptionally well at times.

On the west end of the jetty is an often overlooked area. During moving tides, baitfish take shelter in eddies that form around the jetty rocks. The baitfish attract flounder, bluefish, and other fish. Tautog, black sea bass, triggerfish, sheepshead, and other species hide among the rocks on both sides of the jetty.

The jetty is located at the southern end of Ocean City at approximately 38 19 N 075 05 W.

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