Queen Sound Bridge


Chincoteague Island

On the road to Chincoteague, Virginia is Queen Sound Bridge and public boat launching facility. The area is also a popular spot to fish from shore. Fish begin showing up in spring and stay into late fall. Flounder, small bluefish, rockfish, trout, croakers, black sea bass, tautog, sandbar sharks, dog sharks, juvenile back drum, and other fish are caught along the shoreline.

The area along the shoreline is very shallow and the bottom around the bridge contains a lot of snags. The channel has a rough bottom consisting of coral, sponge, shells, and concrete rubble. Because of the many obstructions, bottom fishing can be difficult around the bridge.

To catch striped bass, bluefish, flounder, and other species, some anglers cast artificial lures from the shoreline out towards the bridge pilings. Although the fishing is inconsistent, trophy fish are sometimes caught around Queen Sound Bridge. As with many types of fishing, the best action often occurs around nightfall and in bad weather.