Light Tackle Jigging

metal slab jigs

Light tackle jigging is an easy and enjoyable technique that has gained popularity in recent years. Light tackle jigging lets the angler fish with small metal or other type jigs, fishing any part of the water column. Anglers locate fish or productive structure, then cast or simply lower lures to the desired depth.

Several rigs are popular among anglers. Perhaps the most common saltwater rigs are metal jigs such as Stingsilver, Hopkins, Crippled Herring and others. The fluttering action of these can be a deadly attractant to fish. Besides single metal jigs, some anglers use tandem rigs. This can be a metal or other jig coupled with a smaller lure on a dropper for instance.

Pier and bridge anglers sometimes jig with slightly different rigs. These fishermen are able to capitalize on currents that rush under the structure, allowing the angler to remain in one place and work a lure up and down the depths.

The lure motion is provided by the tidal flow against the lure and line. Among favorite pier and bridge lures are the "Gotcha plug". Another useful setup is  the "spec rig" which consists of 2 small jigs rigged in tandem. 

Tackle is simple for this type of fishing. Depending on the situation, anglers use 8-30 pound line class spinning or baitcasting outfits. Some anglers use monofilament line but braided line can be a big asset in reaching the bottom.