white tailed deer doe woodsCamping is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the Mid Atlantic states. Campers spend time outdoors for a variety of reasons.

For many enthusiasts, the experience of camping is the main objective. For others, campsites serve as a temporary home while enjoying outdoor recreational activities.

Types of Camp Shelters

Campers choose shelters from a stunning array of options, depending on needs, skill levels, price, availability, personal preference, and other factors.

For many enthusiasts, simple campsites and gear is all that is required. Basic camping equipment usually includes portable tents, sleeping bags, and other lightweight gear. In some cases, campers are limited to what they can backpack or transport by vehicle or boat.

In some areas, rental cabins are a popular option. Cabins are often equipped with electricity, water, and basic furniture. In many locations, cabins are located near restrooms, showers, grills, camp stores, and other amenities.

For many camping enthusiasts, mobile campers are popular choices. Models are available in many configurations, sizes, and price ranges.

One of the more traditional options is the slide-in camper. These units fit into a pickup truck. Slide-in units are useful when a truck shares several duties.

Tow behind trailers are another popular choice for campers. These range from small overnighters to full-size models with all the comforts of home.

Camping trailers are limited by several factors including tow vehicle capability, size, price, and other attributes. Some models require considerable maintenance and off-season storage can influence choices.

At the high end of the camping spectrum are luxury campers, recreational vehicles (RVs), live aboard boats, and lush cabins.

Camping Activities

Camping is often interconnected with leisure activities such as swimming, fishing, boating, hunting, hiking, wildlife watching, exploring, and others.


The Mid Atlantic Region contains some of the nation’s most popular camping areas. Camping destinations include national, state, and local parks, commercial campgrounds, private lands, and other possibilities.


In the Mid Atlantic Region, camping is most popular from spring through fall, with peak activity usually occurring between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Although the summer season attracts the highest volume of campers, many enthusiasts seek experiences year round.

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