Saltwater Fish Tagging

This tutorial explains the process of tagging saltwater fish with Captain Monty Hawkins of the headboat Morningstar. In March of 2004 19 tautog and 2 cod were on the trip, allowing anglers to see the tagging process first hand. The Morningstar website is here.

Captain Monty Hawkins tags tautog.

A tag goes in a seabass.

The tag is tied and trimmed before release.



Tagging Resources

American Littoral Society- fish tagging programs

NOAA Apex Predators Program - shark tagging

South Carolina Dolphin Tagging Research Project

Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program

North Carolina Adult or Juvenile Red Drum Tagging Program
P.O. Box 769
Morehead City, NC 28557

South Carolina DNR Adult Red Drum Tagging Program
PO Box 12559
Charleston, SC 29422-2559

Georgia Cooperative Angler Tagging Program
One Conservation Way, Suite 300
Brunswick, Georgia 31520