jonah crab
Jonah Crab

The Jonah crab is found along the Atlantic Coast from Nova Scotia to New York. They are also found on muddy bottoms in deep water as far south as Florida.

The Jonah crab can be identified by its heavy body, orange-salmon color, and dark brown tipped claws. The Jonah crab is sometimes confused with its smaller cousin, the rock crab.

Jonah crabs are caught commercially using traps and are often a bycatch in lobster traps. They are occasionally discovered along shorelines among rocks and in tide pools.

Like other crustaceans, Jonah crabs can be cooked by steaming, boiling, or grilling. After cooking, the meat can be removed from the shell, legs, and claws. Jonah crab meat can be eaten as-is or prepared in a number of ways.

Jonah crabs are also used for bait, especially when targeting tautog and other wreck fish.

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