Jug fishing, also known as float fishing, is a one of several alternative fishing methods that are popular in the Mid Atlantic region. One of earliest forms of angling, jug fishing is done in order to harvest fish for consumption.

A basic rig consists of a jug or float, line, weight, hook, and bait. Most jug fishermen employ multiple rigs while fishing. One advantage of jug rigs is that they can be set to target a specific depth. Jug rigs can also rigged to be stationary, or to drift freely.

Jug fishing is most common in freshwater lakes and is often used to target catfish. Like other catfish anglers, jug fishermen sometimes land trophy-class fish, especially in areas where blue and flathead catfish are common.

Variations of the jug rig include bush bobs and bank poles. Like jug rigs, these rigs consist of a simple line, hook, and bait which is attached to a fixed point. Bush bob rigs are simply tied to overhanging tree branches along a waterway.

Bank poles are usually made from bamboo and are pushed into the sand or mud on an angle. Because of their natural flexibility, bush bobs, and bank poles can used to subdue even large fish.

Jug fishing, bush bobs, and similar gear are subject to special regulations and prohibited in many areas.

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