silversides for bait
Atlantic Silverside


Silversides are popular for catching flounder (fluke) and other saltwater fish. These brightly striped minnows are available frozen at saltwater tackle shops.

In some areas silversides can be caught fresh, although harvesting silversides for bait can be very time consuming. Silversides are usually harvested by seining when adults congregate to spawn. They can also be caught along shorelines or piers with cast nets.

Silversides are usually fished on a single hook leader or top and bottom rig, sometimes paired with squid strips. When using silversides for flounder or bluefish, anglers sometimes become frustrated when fish bite the bait in half, missing the hook.

Anglers sometimes resort to a variety of rigs that position hooks closer to the tail. Another effective method is to fish with a very loose drag or open reel and allow flounder to take line for several seconds before setting the hook.

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