The muskellunge (musky) is the largest member of North America’s pike family. Anglers typically troll or cast spoons, crankbaits, and other heavy-built lures when targeting musky.

As with other members of the pike family, musky often seem to be attracted to red and white lures. Wire or braided leaders are often used when fishing for musky, as their teeth are capable of cutting monofilament line with ease.

Some anglers use a special retrieval technique, called the “figure 8”, when fishing for musky. The technique involves moving the rod during the last few feet of a cast in order to impart a figure 8 type motion to the lure. Musky anglers claim that the figure 8 technique can trigger muskies to strike, even right at boatside.

Using high quality equipment, fly fishermen often succeed in catching muskellunge. Popular musky fly patterns include large streamers, frogs, poppers, and other patterns. During the winter, muskellunge are caught by ice fishermen with live yellow perch or other large baits.

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