Fishing carts are used in a variety of  fishing situations. Some fishing carts are built for specific applications. Specialized fishing carts include pier fishing carts, surf fishing buggies, marina carts, and kayak carts. Fishing carts are usually stored at home and transported to fishing sites by vehicle.

Surf Fishing Buggies

Surf fishing carts and buggies are unique among fishing carts. Unlike other movable equipment, surf carts require specialized tires in order to travel over loose sand. Most surf fishing carts are designed specifically for this specialized form of saltwater fishing. Surf carts are usually capable of carrying a cooler, rods, and other gear. Carts also act as rod holders while fishing.

When choosing a surf cart or buggy, it is imperative that anglers choose a model with the right features. Smaller carts are easier to store and move, but have limited capacity. In contrast, larger models offer more storage and features, but can be cumbersome to move.

Pier Fishing Carts

Carts, buggies, and wagons are also popular for pier fishing. They perform a number of important tasks, including transportation, organization, and storage. Regardless of the type, a pier fishing cart should be easy to move, yet capable of carrying considerable loads. In some applications, pier fishing carts feature bait stations, rod holders, or other accessories.

Kayak Carts

Kayak carts are specialized types of equipment. These units are used in situations where a considerable distance must be covered between launch sites and kayaks. Kayak carts are often useful in residential settings, or when visiting parks or other public areas. To be effective, a kayak cart must be light, transportable, and sturdy.

Other Fishing Carts

A number of other situations exist where a carts or wagons may be required. For example, anglers often encounter long walks at marinas, campgrounds, and other locations. Fishing carts are useful for transporting coolers, bait, rod and reel outfits, tackle, food, and other gear.