This page shows basic umbrella rigs used in fishing for striped bass (rockfish) in the Chesapeake Bay and coastal waters of the Mid Atlantic region.

Umbrella rigs catch fish in other areas and have even become popular for catching striped bass in freshwater lakes. Umbrellas are rigged using a variety of components including shad bodies, plastic grubs, surgical hose, bucktail jigs, parachute jigs, tomic lures, and others.

Umbrellas are just part of an arsenal of lures that are used for catching bluefish and striped bass (rockfish). Other popular lures include single or tandem rigs of bucktail jigs, parachute jigs, large spoons, tomics, and other swimming plugs.


This is the basic 4 arm umbrella.
Lures can be used only on the ends as shown
or the umbrella can hold 2 lures on each arm, one midway and one on the end.


This is a lightweight “mini” 4 arm umbrella.
Shad are rigged on the arms and a jig is attached to the center clip.
The jig shown here is an 8 oz. bucktail with a 9″ shad body.

This is the “mini” umbrella shown swimming.

This is a modified umbrella called a dredge.
2 arms have been removed from the umbrella.
Shad are rigged on the arms and 2 jigs trail roughly 18″ off each end.
Attached to the center is a tomic plug which swims 4-6 feet behind.
Check local fishing regulations before fishing 3 hooks on one rod.


This is another variation. Shad are rigged on a daisy chain with no umbrella.


Another shot of the daisy chain in the water.

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