Underwater video cameras have become popular for fishing, underwater surveying, and nature videography. Although early models were expensive, complex and bulky, advances in technology led to affordable and reliable underwater video cameras (often called fish cams or fish cameras).

For fishing, underwater video cameras have a variety of applications. They are popular for ice fishing and are often used to scout out potential fishing spots. They are also popular for non-fishermen who find them useful and fun.

When choosing an underwater video camera system it is important to gain a basic understanding on the technology that is available as well as the various advantages and disadvantages of each system component. Before purchasing a system, users should also compare their needs to each product’s capabilities.

Most underwater video devices are sold as complete systems, consisting of a camera or camera array, cable, power supply, circuitry, and monitor. These range from inexpensive toys which work like a fishing rod and reel, to high-end models that are assembled in protective cases. Some models provide external video outputs while others simply display video to a built-in monitor.

The following questions may be relevant when shopping for an underwater video camera system.

What is the camera resolution?

How many cameras are included in the system?

How and where is video from the camera (s) displayed?

What size is the video monitor?

Is the monitor viewable in direct sunlight?

How deep can the camera (s) go?

Does the camera provide any lighting?

What is the maximum distance that objects can be seen from the camera (s)?

Does the unit require batteries? Does it accept voltage from an external power supply?

Can the unit record and export video footage?

Can the unit capture still images?

How much does the system cost? Is there a warranty? Are replacement parts available?

Which components, if any, are waterproof?

What are people saying that have purchased and used a particular model of underwater video camera?

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