sit in kayak (sik)


One of the more popular kayak designs is the sit in kayak (SIK). These kayaks offer several features that make them a good choice for fishing and exploring. Most sit in kayaks provide room for storage, a lower center of gravity, and a dryer, more sheltered cockpit.

Sit in kayaks are available with a wide range of hull shapes which affect handling, stability, and other factors. Some models have narrow hulls with sharp bows and a considerable amount of deadrise. Others feature wide hulls with flat, convex, or other specialized bottom designs.

A standard rule of thumb is that long narrow hulls are faster than short, wide craft. By contrast, wide kayaks tend to be more stable than narrow versions.

The sea kayak or ocean kayak, is a type of sit in kayak that is designed for longer trips and ocean environments. Sea kayaks incorporate a skirt which shields the hull from water intrusion.

Sit in kayaks are available in single seat or 2 seat models. They are usually propelled by simple double-bladed paddles.


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