The following page provides information about locating and buying used kayaks and kayaking accessories.
Choosing a Kayak Type

There are several styles of kayak designs on the market and practically all types are available used. Popular types include sit IN kayaks (SIK), sit ON kayaks (SOK), and other styles.

Sit in kayaks are stable, offer room for storage and usually provide a dryer ride. Sit on kayaks tend to be safer and less vulnerable to flooding. Each kayak hull type has its advantages and disadvantages.

For fishing, tracking, stability and seaworthiness are important in a used kayak. Stability is an important quality in fishing kayaks. To fish effectively, a craft must be stable enough to allow anglers to cast lines and catch fish. Agility is another important characteristic to be considered when shopping for a used kayak.

Pre-owned rwo person kayaks are another option to consider. These specialized kayaks allow two anglers to work in tandem, sharing paddling and other activities. In general, two person kayaks perform poorly with only one occupant.

Used Kayaking Equipment

When shopping for used kayak paddles, be aware of what is available. Double-bladed paddles should provide adjustable feathering (blades offset by an angle between 45 and 90 degrees). Feathering allows the upper blade to pass cleanly through the air during the forward stroke and offer minimum wind resistance. Most double paddles break-down for storage and transport.

Sources of Used Kayaks

– outfitters, rental facilities, marinas

– fishing guides

– online resources; eBay, craigslist, fishing and boating forums, etc.

– flea markets, swap meets

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