This page provides step by step instructions for cleaning sharks for the table.
The fish pictured is a mako shark but the same technique applies to most all sharks.
This method produces boneless skinless steaks of excellent quality.


Step 1. Wash the shark and lay it out on a table.
Slice down behind the head, around the gills and under the fish.

Step 2. Remove and dispose of the head.

Step 3. Remove the tail and dorsal fin.

Step 4. Remove the lower section and the internal organs and wash the carcass thoroughly.

Step 5. Cut the carcass into manageable sections.

Step 6. Lay out a section and begin cutting the skin from the meat.
Cut straight down along the bone and remove the meat from each side.
Cut into steaks, rinse, bag and put on ice immediately.
The resulting steaks are excellent grilled or blackened and can be frozen for later use.

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