This page provides step by step instructions for cleaning tuna for the table. This method produces boneless skinless tuna steaks of excellent quality.

These same techniques work for cleaning bluefin, yellowfin, longfin, blackfin, or bigeye tuna. Smaller species such as skipjack tuna, false albacore, and Atlantic bonita can be cleaned in a similar fashion.


Step 1. Wash the tuna and lay it out on a table.

Step 2. Cut along the midsection of the fish’s side back to the tail and down the back close to the dorsal fin.

Step 3. Lift the loin section and cut free.

Step 4. Cut and remove the flank section in the same fashion.

Step 5. Lay out a section and begin cutting parallel to the table just under the skin.

Step 6. Follow thru cutting the skin from the meat.
Trim the dark meat from the loins and steak up if necessary.
Wash, bag, and chill immediately.

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