The Anacostia River is formed by the confluence of the Northwest Branch and the Northeast Branch just north of Bladensburg, Maryland. The fall line occurs in the same area, making all of the mainstem river tidal.

In Washington, D.C., the river joins with the Washington Channel, which empties into the Potomac River at Buzzard Point.

In Prince George’s County, Bladensburg Waterfront Park is located along the Anacostia River. The park provides public access for a wide range of activities on the river.

The Anacostia River has been officially designated as a Scenic River by the Maryland General Assembly.

Anacostia River Fish Species

Despite an array of environmental problems, the Anacostia River sustains populations of freshwater and anadromous fish. Fish species found in the river include American eel, striped bass, white perch, yellow perch, largemouth bass, bluegill, pumpkinseed, redbreast sunfish, green sunfish, hickory shad, river herring, channel catfish, yellow bullhead, brown bullhead, northern hogsucker, creek chubsucker, and numerous smaller species.

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