Brown Bullhead Catfish

brown bullhead


The brown bullhead is one of the smallest Mid Atlantic catfish. Brown bullheads are found throughout the region in lakes, reservoirs, ponds, and rivers.

The most common method for distinguishing brown bullheads from other catfish is to note their body coloration and the shape of the tail fin. Brown bullheads usually have mottled flanks on a soft brown background. Their tail is slightly forked as opposed to the squared off or slightly rounded tails of yellow bullheads.

Brown bullheads are sometimes caught together with channel catfish, which have a deeply forked tail and much sleeker appearance.

Brown bullheads are bottom feeders. They are easily caught using scent-producing baits such as nightcrawlers, chicken livers, cheese, shrimp, or other baits. Brown bullheads make good table fare. They are easy to skin and fillet.

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