Tilefish Permitting and Electronic Reporting Webinar (Recreational Anglers)

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Offshore anglers that fish for tilefish may soon be subject to new permitting and reporting requirements. Under proposed regulations published by NOAA Fisheries, private recreational vessels (including for-hire operators using their vessels for non-charter, recreational trips) would be required to obtain a federal vessel permit to target or retain golden or blueline tilefish north of the Virginia/North Carolina border.

These vessel operators would also be required to submit vessel trip reports (VTRs) electronically within 24 hours of returning to port for trips where tilefish were targeted or retained.

More information about the proposed requirements is available on the NOAA Fisheries website, including Recreational Tilefish Permitting and Reporting FAQs.

NOAA Fisheries is encouraging anglers not already using another electronic VTR system to utilize NOAA Fish Online, which is available through a mobile app or a web-based portal.

Other systems that may be suitable for recreational anglers include SAFIS eTrips/mobile and SAFIS eTrips Online. Anglers can access information about approved applications and other aspects of electronic reporting on the NOAA Fisheries website.

Recreational anglers can get more information via a Informational Webinar presented by the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (MAFMC).

The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council will hold a public webinar on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m, to provide information on obtaining recreational tilefish permits and options available to recreational tilefish anglers for electronically submitting VTRs.

During the webinar, staff from the Mid-Atlantic Council and NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Regional Office will cover the following topics, with opportunities for Q&A after each:

  • Overview of the proposed action
  • Step-by-step demonstration of how to obtain a permit
  • Demonstration of the NOAA/GARFO Fish Online application for submitting reports

More information about participating in the webinar can be found at: https://www.mafmc.org/council-events/2020/tilefish-rec-reporting-webinar

source: Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council

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