Skipjack Tuna
Skipjack Tuna

Skipjack tuna are one of several small pelagic fish that are caught in the Mid Atlantic. Their horizontal stripes below the lateral line distinguish them from Atlantic bonita and false albacore. They are often caught together with small bluefin, yellowfin, or other tunas.

Skipjack tuna are usually caught using small spoons, cedar plugs, feather jigs or other lures. Deep running spoons rigged behind planers are especially effective. Skipjacks are often found around a wrecks, hills, weed lines, buoys, and other structure.

Skipjack tuna can be very exciting when anglers encounter large fish (10 pounds or more). Most often, smaller fish are encountered from a few miles off the beach out to the canyon edges.

Skipjack tuna make excellent shark bait, strip baits, and larger specimens are good table fare.

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