Although not as common as black crappie, white crappie are found in a number of Mid Atlantic lakes, reservoirs, and other large impoundments. White crappie tend to be associated with clear, moderately deep water. The species is absent from coastal waterways, perhaps due to acidic water conditions that occur in these areas.

Like their darker relatives, white crappie are active during the cold months. White crappie fishing often picks up in October, with catches continuing through the winter.

Top lures for white crappie include small jigs, soft plastics, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits. When crappie are suspended in deep areas, small, shiny spoons or metal slab jigs are often effective. Because crappie have strong color preferences, anglers often carry assortments of lures in a variety of colors and patterns.

White crappie are also caught using live baits. Minnows are the most common bait for catching white crappie.

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