This page shows how to rig a basic ballyhoo pin rig – step by step.

This is a basic ballyhoo pin rig and sea witch. The wire which secures the ballyhoo can be copper or monel.

Prepare the bait first. Push the eyes out with a dowel or other tool.
Work the bait in an “S” pattern, gently breaking the spine.
Squeeze the belly, purging out any excrement.
Cut the pectoral fins off the bait.

Lay the bait out flat and measure for the exit hole of the hook. Use the hook barb to mark the position of the the exit hole.

Lift the gill, work the hook thru the gullet and out the exit hole.

Cut a 1/4 inch slit so that the hook can move freely. Never allow the hook to pull tight against the body.

Wrap the wire, thru the eye socket and around the beak. Check the action of the bait in the water.

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