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This page discusses useful gear, safety equipment, and tackle for kayak fishing.

Fishing Tackle – Equipment

Kayak fishing requires just a few essentials when it comes to tackle. A small gear bag or other container may be all that’s required to store kayak fishing gear. Some anglers familiarize themselves with the types of kayaks they will be fishing in, and then obtain a container that best fits the craft.

There is usually room for a light rod or 2 and a few basic rigs and lures. Other useful gear might include rod holders, pliers, line cutters, and a hand towel. If fish will be kept, a small cooler or creel will be necessary.


Sit in kayaks often have a little space under the bow that is protected from water spray or rain. This is often a good place to store a small kayaking dry bag or tackle assortment. Store cell phones, GPS units, cameras and other sensitive equipment in waterproof pouches or heavy duty zipper bags.

Some kayaks have a covered storage compartment in the rear of the craft. Although some kayak compartments are watertight, they may not be accessible while underway.

Safety Equipment

These are some examples of safety gear for kayak fishing:

personal flotation device or PFD


eye protection


air bladder



chart and compass

hand held GPS unit

cell phone

hand held marine VHF radio


paddle lanyard

spare paddle

floats and lanyards for all equipment

waterproof pouches


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