St. Michaels MD
St. Michaels MD

Saint Michaels is one of Maryland’s oldest and most scenic ports. The town is located on a narrow peninsula which extends westward from Easton Maryland. The port of Saint Michaels is located on the Miles River, which empties into Eastern Bay.

The surrounding area includes miles of creeks, marshes, and coves. Along the opposite side of the peninsula, Harris Creek and Broad Creek flow southward into the lower Choptank River.

Beyond Harris Creek, the peninsula turns south and narrows further.

At Knapps Narrows, a canal intersects the peninsula to provide a shortened passage between the Chesapeake Bay and the lower Choptank River. Harbors and marinas are located on both sides of Knapps Narrows as well as on Tilghman Island.

Visitors to the community of Tilghman will find a mixture of bed and breakfasts, fishing charter boats, commercial fishermen, and tourism-related businesses.

For saltwater anglers, a wide range of habitats are within reach. Most local creeks sustain striped bass, white perch, and other species. In the shallows near the bay, spot, croaker, speckled trout, and bluefish become more common.

Located in the Chesapeake Bay west of Tilghman Island is Tilghman Island Artificial Reef. The reef site contains bridge rubble, bridge decking, granite, concrete pipes, and tire units. The reef attracts a wide range of saltwater fish.

Fishing charter boats departing from St. Michaels and Tilghman Island travel up and down the bay in search of striped bass, croaker, Spanish mackerel, bluefish, and other species.

Located at the end of Tilghman Island, Black Walnut Point is a popular bank fishing spot. Anglers often fish along the beach with surf casting gear, catching spot, croakers, bluefish, striped bass, white perch, and other species.

In addition to saltwater fishing, recreational crabbing is a popular activity. The nearby Miles, Tred Avon, and Choptank Rivers are famous for their runs of blue crabs. Trotlining is one of the most popular methods for catching crabs in nearby rivers and creeks.

Located to the East of Tilghman Island, Harris Creek Oyster Sanctuary provides hundreds of acres of habitat for oysters, fish, and other marine life.   

Saint Michaels and Tilghman Island are also popular kayaking destinations. Several kayak launch sites and designated water trails are available for paddlers. Other local activities include birdwatching, sailing, scenic tours, waterfowl hunting, and browsing local specialty shops.

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