Fishing for False Albacore

False Albacore are stubborn fighters and a real challenge on light tackle. Anglers sometimes encounter large schools of false albacore, resulting in multiple hookups for hours at a time.

When targeting false albacore, small feather jigs or other bullet shaped lures are effective, especially when trolled at 7 knots or more. In the Mid Atlantic region, a few false albacore usually show up in June. By August, the fish arrive in force, usually staying until Halloween. Because of their numbers, eagerness to bite, and hard fighting ability, they one of the best offshore species of fish for beginners.

In some areas, including parts of New Jersy and North Carolina, false albacore occasionaly move close to shore. During feeding sprees, anglers fishing in the surf or along jetties catch them by casting spoons, metal jigs, small plugs, or other flashy lures.

Although false albacore are poor table fare, their belly strips make excellent baits for inshore and offshore fishing.

Other names for false albacore include little tunny and fat albert.