Fishing for black sea bass is extremely popular along the Atlantic coast. Anglers fish from Cape May, Lewes, Ocean City, Chincoteague Island, Wachapreague, Virginia Beach, and other ports for this exceptionally delicious fish.

Peak fishing is usually May and early June and again in the fall. In the spring, wrecks, reefs, coral, and other rough bottoms usually hold the most fish.

Jumbo sea bass can sometimes be enticed by using larger baits. Favorite rigs for big sea bass include single hook leaders with whole squid for bait, large bucktail jigs tipped with squid strips, and metal jigs. Larger baits often catch less total fish but with a much higher average weight.

A stout rod and 6 to 8 oz. of lead may be required, depending on the depth, current and drifting of the boat. Braided line is essential in water over 50 feet. Braided line is essential when fishing deeper wrecks to 200 feet deep.

Deep structure sometimes hold exceptional classes of sea bass. In 20-50 fathoms, black sea bass are caught around wrecks, rocky outcrops, coral formations, and along canyon edges.

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