This page shows daisy chain rigs used in fishing for striped bass (rockfish) in the Chesapeake Bay and Mid Atlantic coastal waters. These rigs will catch fish in other areas as well.

The daisy chain is a variation of the popular umbrella rig. It is effective on both small and large striped bass or “rockfish”. Daisy chains can be rigged with 4 inch shad for catching schoolies and 6 inch shad for targeting larger fish.

Daisy chains can be rigged using shad bodies, squid bodies or plastic grubs. Bucktail jigs, parachute jigs, tomic lures, and other lures are attached to the rear of the setup.

Daisy chains and umbrellas are just part of an arsenal of lures that anglers may troll for catching bluefish and striped bass or “rockfish”. Other popular lures include single or tandem rigs of bucktail jigs, parachute jigs, large spoons, tomics, and other types of swimming plugs.


Push the wire thru the body and out the back.

Bend the wire and push down thru the body and out the belly. Break the wire off flush with the shad.

This is the smaller version for school stripers.

The shad are rigged on branches of #125 mono off the main leader.

The branch leaders are spliced to the main leader in a direction opposite of the overall rig.
A small swivel connects the rigged shad to the leader branch. A swivel at the rear allows for lure changes.

This is the larger rig swimming.

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