Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing Tackle

The following pages provide information about buying, building, maintaining, rigging, and using freshwater and saltwater fishing tackle.

Inshore Fishing Tackle

Bottom Rigs

Carolina Rigs

Circle Hooks

Wire Line Trolling

Umbrella Rigs for Striped Bass

Daisy Chains for Striped Bass

Making Bucktail Jigs

Saltwater Baits

Offshore Fishing Tackle

Rigging Offshore Baits

Cedar Plugs

Green Machines

Artificial Squid, Daisy Chains and Spreader Bars for Tuna Fishing

Tuna Spreader Bars

Freshwater Fishing Tackle

Bucktail Jigs (freshwater)

Circle Hooks

Carolina Rigs

Freshwater Baits

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